Section A | Add an examinee

Option 1: Manually add each examinee inside your Dashboard

How to Add an Examinee within your Dashboard
 Before you can Add an Examinee, you should have already
Edited your Access Code Settings. If you have completed this step.  Continue below to Add an Examinee.

  1. Open “Manage Examinees” and select the blue “Add New Examinee” button
  2. Select the Access Code you want to use and complete the form with your client’s information.
    Notice: The settings for Report Restrictions and Notifications can be different for each Access Code.

  3. Click the blue button “Add Examinee” at the bottom of the form.
  4. Your client (examinee) will be sent an email prompting them to begin the CareerFitter Test.
    You will also be emailed a copy of this email in case you need to resend it to them again later.
  5. If you have the Notification Settings for this Access Code set to “ON” you will receive an email telling you when your client has completed the CareerFitter Test.
  6. If you have your access code “Report Restrictions” turned “ON”, when your examinee completes the test they will see a screen prompting them to contact you.

Option 2:  

Your examinee can use your Access Code to set up their own user login to take the test.
Give your Access Code to your client.

Let’s say you have hundreds of clients who need to take an assessment and you can not spare the time to set up each one.  This step is how they generate a test for themselves using your Access Code.
– You will have to notify your clients.
– Give them your Access Code and direct them to
They must add themselves as a new examinee.

Dropdown menu “Login”, select “Redeem Access Code“.

Each client (examinee) need only complete this step of redeeming an access code one time. Their email address is used as their username.  An email address can only be used one time.

When “Redeeming an Access Code” your client is creating a user account where they will take their career test.  Your access code is being used to pay for the test they are about to take.

When your clients return to view their test they must login
via User Login.

Section B |View your clients CareerFitter Report


Click on your client’s name.

*If clicking your client’s name does not allow you to view their CareerFitter Report, either your client paid for their report and did not use your access code or they did not complete the career test.

Section C |Allowing your client to view their CareerFitter Report

Allow your client (examinee) to view the CareerFitter Report
– Open “Manage Examinees” within your dashboard.
– Click the Mailbox icon to the left of your client’s name.
– An email with a link to the Full CareerFitter Report will be sent to your client.

*After you send your client the Full CareerFitter Report, you can no longer restrict this client’s access to view the Full CareerFitter Report.

Section D | How to reassign an untaken test to another examinee

– Login to your Affiliate Dashboard.
– Scroll down to the section “Manage Examinees“.
– Locate your customer.

– On the right side of your customer’s information select “EDIT“.  
– Change all the fields to your new client’s information.

Why can I not Redeem an Access code?  It says “email already used”.
A: The system only allows an email to be used one time.  Each client must have their own email.  Their email is also their Username.
When a client’s email is in the system they login in as a Member.