Access Codes

An Access Code is a single line combination of letters and numbers that represents a bulk amount of career tests. You name the access code when you purchase career tests in bulk from your affiliate dashboard.
Access Code Name example:  college82793

Access codes can only be purchased inside an Affiliate or Career Counselor Dashboard.

Think of an Access Code like a pre-paid credit card that can be charged up with pre-purchased Premium Career Tests with Premium Reports.

Access codes allow the purchaser to:

1. Purchase Premium Career Tests in bulk.
2. Send your examinee a career test.
Or, a group of examinees can set up their own career tests using the access code you give them.
3. Be notified when your examinee’s test is completed.
4. View your examinee’s Premium Career Test results from your counselor dashboard.
5. Career Counselor report interpretation tips for explaining the results to your examinee.
6. View your examinee’s work personality strengths, weaknesses, and suggested careers based on their test results.
7. View the careers your examinee is saving to their “My Favorites” folder.

Who can use Access Codes?

Career Counselor Affiliates of

  • Schools, Companies, Human Resource Specialists, Universities, Colleges, Career Coaches, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Career Counselors

How to use an Access Code

  1. log in to your affiliate | career counselor dashboard
  2. Buy Career Tests in Bulk
  3. Send an examinee a career test from your dashboard (Option 1)
  4. Or, give the access code to a class of people, allowing new examinees to set up their own test, and take a pre-paid Career Test with a Full Report. (Option 2)