Access Codes
An Access Code is a single line combination of letters and numbers that represents a bulk amount of career tests. You name the access code when you purchase career tests in bulk from your affiliate dashboard.
Access Code Name example:  college82793

Access codes can only be purchased inside an Affiliate Dashboard.

Think of an Access code like a pre-paid credit card that can be charged up with pre-purchased career tests with Full Reports.

Who can use an Access Codes
Access Codes can be created by:

  • Schools, Companies, Human Resource Specialists, Universities, Colleges, Career Coaches, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Career Counselors

How to use an Access Code
Set up your NEW user (examinee) to take a pre-paid Career Test with a Full Report.

  1. log in to your affiliate dashboard
  2. Buy Career Tests in Bulk
  3. Send an examinee a career test from your dashboard (Option 1)
  4. Or, give the access code to a class of people, allowing new examinees to set up their own test, and take a pre-paid Career Test with a Full Report. (Option 2)