How to Purchase and Use an Access Code

Step 1:  Become an Affiliate
Step 2:  Log to your Affiliate Dashboard
Step 3:  Select the “Purchase Access Codes” tab

access code purchase


Select  “Manage Access Codes” drop-down menu

manage access codes


Step 4: Click blue button “PURCHASE ACCESS CODES”

purchase access code button


Create a New Access Code or Add tests to an existing Code

purchase access code

First – Create your new access code by Naming it in the box “Create New Access Code“.  It must be at least 8 characters – including letters and at least one number.

Note: If you already created an Access Code in the past and you want to add tests to that existing code, then select “Add to Existing Access Code” and select the code in the dropdown you want to add tests to.

Select the Pricing Package you want in the dropdown.

Then select the “Continue” button.
(If Continue button is not available go back up and check to make sure you created a valid Access Code 8 characters long with at least one number)

Complete your purchase via a credit card.

What is a CareerFitter Access Code?

Send a career test to an examinee using your pre-paid access code.

Use your access code to give a career test to a large group or school classroom. See option 2.