Career Coach Dashboard | Notification Settings

  1. You can receive an email notification when your client or student (examinee) completes their career test.
  2. You may even want to preview their results before they see their report.
    You can control whether they can see their Premium Report results immediately or you can require them to contact you for their Premium Report.See the details below.

Edit Access Code Notification Settings

First – let’s make sure your public contact information, seen by your examinee, is set up properly.
This public contact information is different from your profile contact information.

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Select Edit contact information.
  3. Enter your contact information you want your clients to see in the box  “Edit Public Info
  4. Select the blue button at the bottom of the page 

Now let’s update the notification settings for an access code.  If you use more than one access code, each one can be set up differently.

  1. Open “Manage Access Codes
  2. Click “Edit” (on far right) of the Access Code you want to change.
  3. Check the Option “Only I can view the examinee’s career report“You may also want to turn on notification settings.
    orSelect “Notify me at ( every time an examinee completes a test using this access code.
  4. Click “Update

If you selected “Only I can view the examinee’s career report“:

Preview your examinee’s career test results within your career coach dashboard

Send your examinee a link to view their career report

Send Your Examinee a link to take a CareerFitter Career Test